About Us

About Us Who We Are

Our Commitment.

At Koorsen Environmental Services, we are committed to providing exhaustive, best practice industrial cleaning solutions that help our customers keep their facilities safe, efficient, and productive.

Our Promise.

  • We will complete your project on-time, on-budget, and using industry-best safety practices.
  • Our supervisors and technicians are trained with a SAFTEY FIRST approach to each project to ensure that our team and your team is protected at all times.
  • Our services are respectful of our environment.
  • We provide 24-hour service.
  • We will use every resource at our disposal to limit facility disruption and contain costs.

Why Invest?

  • Keep your facility, systems, and equipment in peak working order.
  • Reduce the risk of fire, explosions, and other industrial accidents.
  • Stay in compliance with local and national regulations and codes.
  • Enhance your staff's working environment.
  • Save money, eliminate violations and fines, and receive lower insurance premiums.
  • Reduce production downtime and extend the life of valuable equipment.

5,900 restaurant building fires occur annually in the United States

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