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Combustible Dust – An In-Depth Look

Various codes and regulations specify the proper handling of combustible dust in the workplace, and these must be followed closely to avoid noncompliance. The cost for overlooking these codes can be high, ranging from … Read More »

Combustible Dust: What Is It and Why Do You Need to Worry About It?

Getting rid of all the dust in a manufacturing, production or storage facility is likely not feasible, even if you do your best to put cleaning protocols in place. In most situations, having some dust present … Read More »

Bar Rescue: Common Environmental Issues Uncovered

You may enjoy watching Bar Rescue, a popular show that attempts to take a struggling bar at the brink of failure back to success. On the show, expert Jon Taffer is called in to save the owner's failing business, and during the course … Read More »

5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Kitchen From Fire

Preventing fires in your kitchen is important, but you may not realize just how great the risk is. According to a report compiled by FEMA, the leading cause of restaurant fires is cooking. This probably comes as no surprise, as having a hot grill or open gas flames … Read More »

Grease Traps Prevent Environmental and Safety Issues

Restaurants, food service companies, breweries, bakeries and communal cafeterias face increasing sanitary and environmental regulations. These often involve managing the grease and oils which are produced by their kitchens. Although these regulations may seem to be more of a hassle than helpful, they are put in place to protect your business against … Read More »

An Effective Alternative To Power Washing

Dry ice blasting offers property managers, business owners and maintenance staff an environmentally friendly cleaning method, which can handle most cleaning applications. These range from delicate jobs like decontaminating wiring, to heavy-duty tasks like removing … Read More »

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