Kitchen/Fire Prevention Division

Exhaust Cleaning & Fan Repair Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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  1. Clean the interior of all accessible exhaust system ductwork and interior of exhaust fans accessible to achieve the removal of deposited cooking by-product through the various means below:
    • Low pressure application of USDA or facility approved detergents.
    • Wash/rinse processes utilizing high pressure, "hot" water cleaning.
    • Wash/rinse processes utilizing saturated steam cleaning.
    • Manual removal of solidified, semi-solidified, or liquid cooking by-product.
  2. Clean the roof surrounding the kitchen exhaust fan, clean the back splash wall under the exhaust hood, and shine and polish all exposed areas of the hood.
  3. Clean up any remaining mess generated during the cleaning operations and dispose of the debris in the appropriate containers.
  4. After cleaning, exhaust fans shall be restared, all access doors utilitzed during cleaning shall be replaced and fastened, dampers positioned for porper exhaust airflow, and electrical switches and system compoennts returned to perable state.
  5. Supply a "Certificate of Performance."
  6. Provide customer documentation of mechanical, accessibility, and safety concerns along with a record of services performed.

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