Worker in orange protective suit cleans corrosion damaged concrete bridge pillar with high pressure washer

An Effective Alternative To Power Washing

Dry ice blasting offers property managers, business owners and maintenance staff an environmentally friendly cleaning method, which can handle most cleaning applications. These range from delicate jobs like decontaminating wiring, to heavy-duty tasks like removing industrial weld slag generated by tooling.

The Dry Ice Blasting Process.

Dry ice blasting is unique from standard power washing. It uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets, which dissipate as gas – leaving behind no residue to clean up after completion.

The carbon dioxide pellets are accelerated by a stream of high pressure air (typically 80-100 psi), enabling them to remove dirt, grease and other contaminants from various products, equipment and surfaces.

This process is both nonabrasive and noncombustible. Dry ice eliminates unwanted residue without damaging the surface and does not leave behind any unwanted cleaning solvents or blasting material.


A Variety of Applications.

Dry ice blasting has many cleaning applications, such as the removal of flux from electronic circuit boards, general cleaning of primary residences or rental properties, or even cleaning adhesive residue or accumulated rust from a variety of surfaces.

Clients can also clean their equipment while operational – eliminating the need to disassemble, mask and reassemble complex systems, making this method up to three to five times faster than other power-washing methods. In addition, customers can keep their properties and facilities clean, safe, compliant and productive – with almost no downtime.

The Advantages.

The advantages of using dry ice for cleaning include: faster service, removal of more mold and mildew than other methods, removal of toxic substances and smoke from fire-damaged surfaces and efficient control of grease and biological waste. In addition, this method does not generate any waste products, fire hazards and it typically does not inflict any substrate damage.

Types of Locations.

Safe for food-manufacturing facilities, home kitchens and restaurants, dry ice cleaning is rapidly expanding worldwide in many different industries and applications, including:

  • Interiors and exteriors of homes and buildings
  • Bakeries, restaurants and food-production facilities and warehouses
  • Factories and assembly lines
  • Medical installations
  • Printing presses, rollers and ink trays
  • Semiconductor and aerospace companies
  • Boats and docking facilities
  • Industrial tools
  • Production residues

Meeting Safety, Insurance and Governmental Guidelines.

Dry ice blasting is approved by the USDA, FDA and EPS because the process does not generate any secondary contaminants. Managers can ensure that their facilities comply with all regulations, reduce the risk of fires, eliminate fines for violations and keep equipment clean for efficient operation.

Industry Leading Service.

Koorsen Environmental Services is a proud provider of this innovative technique, following industry-best safety practices and offering 24 hour service. Experienced teams of technicians have the training and expertise to tackle the toughest jobs, delivering fast, safe, clean, economical and professional service.


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