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Got a dirty kitchen hood? We are a top-notch exhaust hood cleaning company in Bloomington IN, specializing in restaurant hood cleaning and more!

Reduce Fire Risk, Increase Restaurant Safety

Owning a restaurant is a serious business.  And, keeping your restaurant hood spic and span using a professional IKECA cleaning company is a serious business, too!  Why?  Because if you skip your hood cleaning, you can wind up with the buildup of dust, debris, and grease which can start a fire in the duct spreading to the roof and building.

When it comes to restaurant hood cleaning services, you need to know that you’re working with a professional and reliable team.  You can count on the Koorsen team to provide you with superior kitchen exhaust hood cleaning system services.

The team at Koorsen offers complete system cleaning from the Exhaust Fan to the vertical and horizontal duct to the Hood.  Put safety first and reach out to experience the best hood exhaust cleaning services in Bloomington!

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We make sure your business operations are in full compliance with NFPA fire codes and safety standards.  We work to exceed expectations while keeping you and your business safe.

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