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One of Ohio’s largest cities, Dayton is home to over 140,000. Filled with numerous businesses including restaurants, hotels, stadiums, schools, and even hospitals, there is always something going on here.

In most of these public places, you’ll find a kitchen that plays a major part in feeding customers, students, or patients. Given how integral commercial kitchens are to a business’s daily operation and how frequently they are used, they can get pretty messy. It becomes a business’s responsibility to keep its kitchen sanitary and its customers safe which is why regular professional kitchen cleaning services are essential.

With our kitchen services, we not only clean your kitchen but we also take preventative measures to ensure it stays safe and sanitized to protect it from fires, bacteria, and more.

Our industrial & kitchen hood cleaning services are in full compliance with NFPA 96 and safety standards. We work to exceed expectations while keeping your business safe.

Some of our cleaning and Industrial services include:

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At Koorsen Environmental Services, we are committed to providing exhaustive, best practice kitchen cleaning solutions that help our customers keep their facilities safe, efficient, and productive.

Our industrial cleaning and maintenance services reduce production downtime and extend the life of valuable equipment for our customers and their businesses. We are committed to completing your project on time within budget while using industry-best safety practices.

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“They helped reduce our plant’s energy costs by over 25 percent after changes were implemented from a compressed air audit they performed.”

– Mark M., Plant Manager


Kitchen hood exhaust system cleaning prices in Dayton, OH vary based on each individual kitchen, its condition, and the type of cooking. If you set up regular services and inspections with us in advance, we can create a custom package for you. At Koorsen Environmental Services, we pride ourselves on offering the best rates for a great value. Contact us to get an estimate today.

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