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Our professional kitchen cleaning service will disinfect your kitchen and have you back to work on the same day.

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We know you take great pride in keeping your Nashville kitchen clean. Still, with constant use, it needs regular, professional cleaning.

When you operate a professional food establishment, your kitchen’s system processes exorbitant amounts of food and grease every day. Without proper care, congealed grease will build up in your grease trap and hood, and your kitchen will begin to smell.

If left for too long, congealed grease can also cause other problems, such as clogging up your sink or overwhelming your exhaust system and causing a fire.

In addition, kitchens are prime places for viruses and other bacteria to fester and grow.  Our disinfecting services will keep your hard surfaces sanitized.

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Our Nashville Kitchen Cleaning Services

Whether it’s time to clean your grease trap, grease containment system, or exhaust system, we can help. We can also repair your exhaust fan, provide a kitchen hood cleaning service, and use EPA-approved materials to disinfect your kitchen.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning service will keep your kitchen safe for your employees and in top working condition.

Simply contact us to request a quote and schedule an appointment. Then, on the agreed-upon day, we will clean your kitchen and be in and out much faster than our competitors. In fact, for our disinfectant services, we’ll have your employees back to work in just 30 minutes!

Our industrial cleaning services include:

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